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New Year, New Kit! Team Store Open Until April 18th

We're celebrating 2022 with a fresh new kit.

We've kept our signature triangle design (a feminist icon) and our colour palette. This year, the kit features a lively top that demands attention (hello, drivers!) with an uncomplicated short. We've kept the short understated, with just our V on the legs. Your choice of classic black (which goes with everything) or fun teal. It's a conversation starter.

We've chosen Jackroo as our supplier this time around. We appreciate the quality of their product. The construction, fabrics, and most importantly, the chamois all tick the right boxes for us. And the price is right. 20% discount is the starting point on all orders, but the 35% discount is our goal (quantity of 6+ for each item).

The Team Store closes on APRIL 18th.

Get your order in now and look for your new favourite kit in the mail by mid-May!

Please email us if you have any questions about ordering.

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